29 September 08


Right now we are waiting for the port of Ningbo to open up, a typhoon is running over Taiwan and up the coast of China right now. It is getting less and less ferocious every hour so we will probably be headed to the dock tomorrow morning - my fingers are crossed. I'd like to get these two Chinese ports behind me since they are a bunch of work and once we leave China the amount of fishing boat traffic drops off quickly. (Early this morning I spent my whole watch on my feet trying to avoid hitting fishing boats, there weren't too many of them but it has been a while since I've avoided that many targets at once so I'm a little rusty. There are watches where I grind my teeth and eat Tums like candy because there might be 60 fishing boats in the couple miles ahead of my ship, I haven't done one of these Far East runs in a while so I haven't seen one of those watches in a long time - I don't miss them.