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(27 December 10) The San Francisco Forktail Damselfly is a voracious predator in all of its stages of life, as a nymph and as an adult. Nymphs are agile swimmers and are able to catch and eat any aquatic animal that is sufficiently small, including small fish and insect larvae, they are known to feed on mosquito larvae when present, they are generally opportunistic eaters...
(15 November 08) Surely I'm biased, but San Francisco is a beautiful city.
(25 October 08) CCSF offers a small handful of two day field classes focusing on local ecology. Bio-25, San Francisco Bay Ecology, focuses on the interactions of species along the shoreline in the bay, particularly focusing on the hardships endured due to changing salinity, dry summers, invasive species, pollution, habitat loss and the harsh marine environment in general
(13 November 07) At 0830 on the morning of 7 November 07 the container ship Cosco Busan allided with a tower of the Bay Bridge ripping a large hole in her hull and spilling 58,000 gallons of oil into the San Francisco Bay