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(23 December 08) Built in Philadelphia in 2004, the M/V Maunawili is one of Matson's five new ships making regular runs around the Pacific. Called the GCX, these five ships sail from Long Beach, California to Honolulu, Hawaii; Apra, Guam; Ningbo, PRC; Shanghai, PRC and finally back to Long Beach.
(23 December 08) The waters off the coast of, and in the rivers of China are bustling with activity. There are very fertile fishing grounds in the East China Sea so the fishing fleets here are denser than you are likely to encounter any place else in the world.
(15 November 08) I am often caught by the beautiful scenes that appear in the rough, industrial, dirty ports of the world.
(15 November 08) We pay little attention to bathrooms as we travel unless we are in dire need of one and even then we don't pay attention to the bathroom itself only their relief it provides
(15 November 08) Surely I'm biased, but San Francisco is a beautiful city.
(25 October 08) CCSF offers a small handful of two day field classes focusing on local ecology. Bio-25, San Francisco Bay Ecology, focuses on the interactions of species along the shoreline in the bay, particularly focusing on the hardships endured due to changing salinity, dry summers, invasive species, pollution, habitat loss and the harsh marine environment in general
(13 November 07) At 0830 on the morning of 7 November 07 the container ship Cosco Busan allided with a tower of the Bay Bridge ripping a large hole in her hull and spilling 58,000 gallons of oil into the San Francisco Bay
(01 July 06) While camping in Desolation Wilderness Leslie, James, Daisy, Marissa and Oliver take full advantage of the quiet, the air, the water and the mountains.
(20 June 06) This trip carried its share of adventures, we nearly lost two anchors, careened a dock, a tug line parted, minor fire in the forecastle...
(01 April 06) While in Kenya on the Moku Pahu, the First Assistant engineer arranged photo safaris for the crew in East Tsavo national park.
(23 May 05) In May of 2005 the Blaze of Glory was built with $3000.00 in three days.
The goal was to sail to the Farallon islands from Hyde St. pier.
(15 June 04) In the summer of 2004 I went to Guatemala to study Spanish and then travel the country, however, after a week of intensive 5 hour a day, one-on-one lessons my brain was wide open and sucking up the language like a sponge.
(15 June 03) In the summer of 2003 I backpacked in Portugal, staying primarily in Lisbon and Porto I was overwhelmed by the architecture and the cities. Every time you turn the corner in Portugal there awaits another feast for your eyes.
(01 September 02) A century ago Chinese immigrants fished the bay on junks. Based on archeological records, historic photographs, oral tradition and some written word, a primarily volunteer crew has built the Grace Quan.