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(23 December 08) Built in Philadelphia in 2004, the M/V Maunawili is one of Matson's five new ships making regular runs around the Pacific. Called the GCX, these five ships sail from Long Beach, California to Honolulu, Hawaii; Apra, Guam; Ningbo, PRC; Shanghai, PRC and finally back to Long Beach.
(23 December 08) The waters off the coast of, and in the rivers of China are bustling with activity. There are very fertile fishing grounds in the East China Sea so the fishing fleets here are denser than you are likely to encounter any place else in the world.
(15 November 08) I am often caught by the beautiful scenes that appear in the rough, industrial, dirty ports of the world.
(03 October 08) Some things will never cease to amaze me about ships and the sea. Brilliant blue waters and perfect nights with stars all the way down to the horizon are two of them, but some ports are quite amazing as well.
(17 October 07) Voyage 284 from Redwood City and Richmond to Inchon South Korea carrying scrap steel
(20 June 06) This trip carried its share of adventures, we nearly lost two anchors, careened a dock, a tug line parted, minor fire in the forecastle...