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(15 June 04) In the summer of 2004 I went to Guatemala to study Spanish and then travel the country, however, after a week of intensive 5 hour a day, one-on-one lessons my brain was wide open and sucking up the language like a sponge.
(15 June 03) In the summer of 2003 I backpacked in Portugal, staying primarily in Lisbon and Porto I was overwhelmed by the architecture and the cities. Every time you turn the corner in Portugal there awaits another feast for your eyes.
(18 December 02) I have been thinking about traveling across the country when I get off this ship. I want to go back to Reserve to go see a glimpse of life in that small town in the bayou. There are surely dozens of towns just like it all over the gulf but their identities remain a secret.
(20 November 02) I think I should admit that I feel a little bad about the amount of joy I felt in listening to southerners.
I find it fascinating that the people on earth that I think have the most unique or interesting lifestyle are in my own back yard. I have heard many stereotypes about southerners and back-woods hicks from the bayou, but was quite alarmed to speak with and listen to them.