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(29 October 08) Pacific ocean and US West Coast graphical (and text) marine weather products. If you would like a page dedicated to your location please email me.
(28 October 08) Predicting weather was once based more on the seaman's eye than on satellite imagery, none the less, rhymes like these still hold a lot of truth.
(29 September 08) Right now we are waiting for the port of Ningbo to open up, a typhoon is running over Taiwan and up the coast of China right now. It is getting less and less ferocious every hour so we will probably be headed to the dock tomorrow morning - my fingers are crossed. I'd like to get these two Chinese ports behind
(27 September 08) At the moment I'm laying in bed. It is about 10:30 in the morning so I'll get up in about another half an hour to take a shower, eat lunch and go to watch. We are sneaking up on a typhoon right now and the swell has picked up. It isn't super rough, we are probably only rolling 10 degrees
(15 September 07) We are now steaming south in the Sea of Japan. Yesterday at noon we took one engine off line and reduced the load on the other so we are moving at the glacial pace of 9kts (10mph) to allow typhoon Nari to get ahead of us before we make our turn around the southern end of the Korean peninsula. For two weeks we rolled along across the gray north Pacific...