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(15 April 03) We had already discharged half of our cargo in Haifa Israel before heading south to Ashdod. After watching the discharge in Haifa I believed that all discharges were clean, smooth operations. The excavators used in Haifa drew the grain from the hold and carried it cleanly and efficiently to the elevators ashore.
(21 November 02) I was standing on deck watching the grain being loaded and was struck by what the dust was doing. Little pellets of dust were blowing off the conveyor belt. they would fall to deck but on the way they would begin to fall apart leaving a trail of dust that would abruptly end in mid air when the clod was expended. Each of these would explode at a different point filling the air with little streamers like tiny comets...
(12 November 02) After the initial dizzy feeling that came with the excitement and nervousness of my first real ship, I became a little worried
The third mate that I was reliving was too anxious to get off. I could tell he was warn down, like her had been cheated out of one month of his life. that month came after the four that he had signed on for. Unfortunately it came, most importantly it came out of the United States. Galveston was the first American port in 70 days and with Galveston came Me, his relief.