27 September 08


These days I spend a whole lot of time sitting at my desk. I'm working on trig that I never learned at CMA since the further I go in calculus the more I'm realizing that I'm going to be seriously behind if I don't conquer trig. My laptop is here next to me playing, well at the moment it is playing "Free to Be You and Me", but normally it is playing music. I'm drinking a glass of wine, I'm not sure if that actually helps my math studies, but it does help me sit down to do the math, and I'm swaying to the motion of the ship. We are paralleling what just got upgraded to a Super Typhoon with 150kt winds near the center. Fortunately we are not any where near the center so the winds here are only around 30kts, but the swells are around 3m and hitting us on the quarter so the ship is rolling and pitching a whole lot.

Something in side of me thinks that ships are supposed to move and so when we are rolling like this it satisfies my sense of the way the world should be.

Out side the porthole above my desk is total blackness, but every once and a while it flashes pink or blue as the clouds illuminate from the lightning within them. Rain is pattering against my forward porthole and streaming down the bulkhead. I turned the music down so that I could listen to the sound of the rain. What is it about rain that makes you enjoy being indoors when you would have already been inside regardless of the rain? I love the romance of the rain, I enjoy the gentle sounds against your window; keeping you inside or making you dash to the car to sigh upon getting the door closed between you and the wetness.