27 September 08

A Little Nest

At the moment I'm laying in bed. It is about 10:30 in the morning so I'll get up in about another half an hour to take a shower, eat lunch and go to watch. We are sneaking up on a typhoon right now and the swell has picked up. It isn't super rough, we are probably only rolling 10 degrees or so, but that is enough to slide things off your desk unless they are sitting rubber no-skid sheets -the funny thing with that stuff is that it keeps your water glass from sliding off your night stand but if the rolls are too great then the glass just dumps over where it stands! - I have my water glass wedged in the drawer. When it rolls this much it is hard to sleep since you get rolled from one shoulder to the other every ten seconds or so, so what I do is shove a life jacket under each side of my mattress and make a little nest, It is quite cozy. So there is your mental image, me in a little trough of a mattress with my laptop on my lap clacking away while the curtains in my cabin and my boiler suit hanging on the hook swing well out away from the bulkheads as the ship rolls under them.