18 December 02

A Return to Reserve?

I have been thinking about traveling across the country when I get off this ship. I want to go back to Reserve to go see a glimpse of life in that small town in the bayou. There are surely dozens of towns just like it all over the gulf but their identities remain a secret to me.

I don't know what I would be able to see just pulling in to town. The fact that I was using the launch, the fact that I was not just an idler, but actually had business was what allowed me to meet and relate with the men from the launch. Without that my visit might be quite dry.

Before I close there were a total of five people working for the launch service so by those numbers 80% were missing several front teeth. And one last thing there are 5 holidays that the launch service gives time and a half for working through: Fat Tuesday, July 4th, Thanks Giving, Christmas and New Years Day.