28 October 08

Weather Rhyms

Beware the bolts from north or west
In south or east the bolts be best

Rainbow to windward foul fall the day
Rainbow to leeward, rain runs away

If woolly fleece deck the heavenly way
Be sure no rain will mare the day

If fleecy white clouds cover the heavenly way
no rain should mar your plans that day

Mountains in the morning
Fountains in the evening

When a halo rings the moon or sun
Rains approaching on the run

Short notice, soon to pass
Long notice, long will last

Seagull, seagull, get out on T'sand
We'll never have good weather with thee on the
When the glass falls low
Look out for a blow

When the wind backs, and the weather glass falls,
Then be on you guard against gales and squalls

Red sky at night, sailors' delight
Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning

When the wind before the rain
Let your topsails draw again
When the rain before the wind
Topsail sheets and halyards mind

Mackerel skys and mares tails
Make lofty ships carry low sails

Sound traveling far and wide
A stormy day will betide

Frost or dew in the morning light
Shows no rain before the night

First rise after low
Portends a stronger blow