22 January 08

Message in a Bottle

For several years I have been earning my keep by plying the worlds oceans. On each ocean passage of each ship I have sailed on I have made a point to cast a message in a bottle into the sea, then I wonder: "Who will find this note?", "What language will they speak?", "Where will they find it?" Now for the first time I have answers to those questions about one message in a bottle:


We found your message dated 3/29/05 today. It was pretty soggy.

The bottle washed up on a small inlet on the northeast coast of Kauai. A mile or so north of Anahola.

It was lucky that it didn't break on the surrounding rocks. Can send pics if you like.

Take care,

Topper and Suzanne Driggs

The Beach:

The Beach

The Bottle:

The Bottle The Bottle

The Message:

The Message