25 October 08

San Francisco Bay Ecology

City College of San Francisco offers a small handful of two day field classes focusing on local ecology. Bio-25, San Francisco Bay Ecology, taught by Crima Pogge focuses on the interactions of species along the shoreline in the bay, particularly focusing on the hardships endured due to changing salinity, dry summers, invasive species, pollution, habitat loss and the harsh marine environment in general.

With a three hour classroom introduction we hit the field exploring the Bay Model, Pohono Marsh, China Camp, Heron's Head Park, Bayfront Park and Palo Alto Baylands. Each location gave a peek into a different aspect of the bay ecology and in each one students in the class presented on topics ranging from ice plant to delta smelt and from the history of Heron's Head park to salt production in San Francisco Bay.

If you were one of my classmates and would like the full resolution versions of any of the above images or want to see all the images I captured over the weekend please e-mail me. If you have additional information on any of the images that you think I should include please send it my way.

Information about the plants and birds taken from:

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