20 June 06

Moku Pahu: Circumnavigation 2006

From the 8th of February to the 20th of June 2006 I sailed as Second Mate aboard the Moku Pahu. I joined the ship in Oakland California and sailed to: Crockett California, Richmond California, Portland Oregon, Long Beach California, Balboa Panama, via Panama Canal: Benghazi Lydia, via Suez Canal: Port Sudan, Sudan, Mombassa Kenya, Singapore, Nawiliwili and Kahului Hawaii and finally back to Crockett.

This trip carried its share of adventures, we nearly lost two anchors, careened a dock, a tug line parted, minor fire in the forecastle and worst of all: our bosun, Billy, fell over board in the fog off Algeria. Though we searched for two days along side the Algerian Navy he was never recovered. A dark cloud closed over the ship that hung for weeks. I get sad when I think about his two teenage sons and the wife he left behind, and I get pissed when I think that he was just out there to make a buck.

We searched for you Billy!