03 January 10

CFR's for Merchant Mariners

Navigation and Navigable Waters: Title 33 § 1-xxx
USCG Hearings33 CFR 1.07
Port/Facility Security33 CFR 125
Oil Spill Financial Responsibility33 CFR 138
Alarm Systems33 CFR 146.105
MARPOL: Special Areas33 CFR 151.06
Ballast Water/Invasive Species33 CFR 151.1500
MARPOL: Oil Record Book33 CFR 151.25
MARPOL: Garbage Log33 CFR 151.55
VTS33 CFR 161
Pre-Arr/Dep Gear Tests33 CFR 164.25
Steering Gear Failure Drill33 CFR 164.25
Charts and Publications33 CFR 164.33
Equipment: All Vessels33 CFR 164.35
Regulated Nav. Areas (SF Bay)33 CFR 165.1181-92
Traffic Separation Schemes33 CFR 167
Tanker Escort Requirements33 CFR 168
Causality and Accident Reporting33 CFR 173.51
Shipping: Title 46 § 1-565
Alcohol or Drug Use by Individuals Directly Involved in Casualties (form 2692)46 CFR 4.05-12
Requirements for drug and alcohol testing - post accident46 CFR 4.06-3
Shipment & Discharge of Merchant Mariners46 CFR 14
Rest Periods46 CFR 15.1111
Sailing Short46 CFR 15.725
Domestic and Foreign Voyages by Sea46 CFR 42
Tests Drills and Inspections46 CFR 97.15
Pre-Arr/Dep Gear Tests46 CFR 97.15-3
Log Book Entries46 CFR 97.35-3
Actions Required to be Logged46 CFR 97.35-5
Lifeboat Markings46 CFR 199.176
Training and Drills46 CFR 199.180
Lifeboat Fuel46 CFR 199.190(f)(1)
Lifeboat Strip/Clean/Inspect46 CFR 199.199(f)(1)
Federal Maritime Commission46 CFR 501
Telecommunications: Title 47 § 1-xxx
GMDSS Log Retention47 CFR 80.409(b)(1)(i)
Transportation: Title 49 § 1-xxx
Hazmat - Special Provisions49 CFR 172
Table of Hazardous Materials49 CFR 172.101
Dangerous Cargo Manifest49 CFR 172.202,3
Training49 CFR 172.700
DCM - Carriage by Vessel49 CFR 176
Supervision of class I (explosive) materials during x-fer49 CFR 176.108
Licensing, Financial Responsibility Requirements and General Duties for Ocean Transportation Intermediaries49 CFR 515
General Duties for Ocean Transportation Intermediaries49 CFR 515