The San Francisco Forktail Damselfly is a voracious predator in all of its stages of life, as a nymph and as an adult. Nymphs are agile swimmers and are able to catch and eat any aquatic animal that is sufficiently small, including small fish and insect larvae, they are known to feed on mosquito larvae when present, they are generally opportunistic eaters...

Finding the Speed of Sound
Extending a demonstration setup by the Exploratorium, I was able to compute the speed of sound in air. This is an experiment which took no unusual equipment and very little special knowledge. Anyone could do this at home, (assuming they can hear fog signals from the Golden Gate bridge), here is how I did it.
Message in a Bottle found off Orchid Island
A message in a bottle that I cast from a ship has washed ashore on Orchid Island off Taiwan and apparently it has made big news on the little island.
"It is a BIG wonderful, happy news for everyone in the island. Your letter brings Orchid Island good luck and a talk for the next few years - I am sure!!!"
CFR's for Merchant Mariners
As I come across the most frequent and most useful sections of the CFR's from the perspective of a professional mariner I have compiled those sections here. You may email me if you have any citations you would like added to this list.
M/V Maunawili
Built in Philadelphia in 2004, the M/V Maunawili is one of Matson's five new ships making regular runs around the Pacific. Called the GCX, these five ships sail from Long Beach, California to Honolulu, Hawaii; Apra, Guam; Ningbo, PRC; Shanghai, PRC and finally back to Long Beach.